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Revolution amps are truly just that! Innovative design, user friendly functionality and of course....
Great Tone!
Amp cabs

All of our amplifiers are equipped with a Mid Boost and by far the most gorgeous sounding clean channel you have ever heard.
Our Clean Channel has a rich harmonic character, sparkling highs and warm punchy mids. You will not be disappointed!

  • "Rival" This is our take on the hot rod heads that dominated the scene in the 80's. Many would take the vintage, classic rock style heads and apply mods to achieve "God Like" tone. Well, we have built that amp for you, No Mods Necessary!
    Available in 20Watt & 100Watt versions

  • "Bully" Ultra High Gain with a hint for darkness to it. This amp is bold and snarling but still maintains focus and articulation. If you are a fan of over the top grinding in lower tuning you will love this amps clarity! 
    Available in 20Watt & 100Watt versions

  • "Fenix"  "Krank Rev" style overdrive / distortion with a more refined tone that smoothes out and is free of harsh unwanted frequencies.  If you are looking for a modern style amplifier this is the amp for you!
    Available in 20Watt & 100Watt versions     

Revolution Amps has also designed and built a line of 2x12, 4x12 and 4x10 guitar cabs that are not only high quality pieces of craftsmanship and design, but will complement the Revolution heads in style and sound.

Along with great tone, Revolution Amplification's guitar heads and cabs have a look that says it all: 
High-End Quality, American Made, Affordable Price!

20 Watt Guitar Heads

20 Watt Guitar Heads

100 Watt Guitar Heads

100 Watt Amp Head

Revolution Guitar Cabs

Revolution 2x12 Guitar Cab